Get to Know Me

Get a little more in depth knowledge about me!

So I started ‘blogging’ when I was in high school. I made a Tumblr and didn’t really know what to do outside of reblogging funny post and liking pictures, but I soon learned that my passion for writing would lead to something I could have never imagined. I would put out original content, and the feedback I received was overwhelming. My hobby soon turned into something more, something tangible and before I knew it I was amassing tons of followers. The numbers didn’t phase me, but I realized that the audience I had was growing and I could really do something with this.

When I graduated high school I went off to a Military Academy, and that experience was not something I truly wanted for myself. I was trying to make my parents happy, but I realized that unhappiness is not worth making others feel better. I knew in that moment that I really had to live my life for myself and do what makes me happy. I transferred schools, and started traveling the world, going to music festivals, trying new exciting things, and being true to myself.

It was during this time that my Instagram and Tumblr continued to grow as I was documenting a lot of my travels and adventures. Then people started reaching out to me. I would get tons of questions about where I was going, what I was doing, and how I was doing it. For a long time I would privately respond to all of these messages and really try to give insight into my processes and how to make these things happen. Then in the summer of 2016, it all became too much and I couldn’t connect with everyone.


Almost a year ago I quit Instagram. I deleted a lot of pictures and took a break from social media. I was moderately active on my Tumblr, but I was focusing on how I could make this a more engaging experience for my audience. I don’t mean to make myself sound like I’m some super famous person, because trust me I’m not. BUT, I do have about 55k combined followers across all of my socials, and I truly value every single one of them. Which is why I decided to create my first blog.

After quitting Instagram I started an actual legitimate blog (shoutout to WordPress). I didn’t really know what I was doing outside of the fact that I wanted to continue to share my life and my stories, but I wanted to be more engaging in terms of giving tips to my followers. I gained a lot of traction, and people really enjoyed not only the content, but the advice and tips. That was probably one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done for two reasons.

  1. I feel like I was able to help a large number of people. Even if it was one or two people, the response I got from my content made me feel over the moon.
  2. I did everything by myself. I’ve met a number of other content creators, and while substantially bigger they have people and management that handle all of this stuff for them. Some don’t even write their own post. It was just super accomplishing knowing that I did this on my own. Regardless of how shitty it was lol.

That basically sums up everything now until this point, except for the fact that this is a new blog. I was contacted by a couple different management agencies, and the gist was that while they like what they see, I’m not polished enough. I have a little more work to do, but it seems like my hobby and passion could really turn into something more. Which is why I’ve decided to get real and take this serious. I love doing this, but I can only imagine what this would look like on a bigger scale.

Due to some issues with content ownership, I had to ditch my old blog but I’m back!! I’ve got my own domain, I’m doing this completely solo and no one can do anything to steal this from me.

I think I’m rambling, but this is basically why I do what I do, and how I got here. Thank you to everyone who has been with me since the beginning, and hello to all of my new friends!

I will be updating regularly as I have a lot of exciting stuff coming up. I will be posting some throwback stories/posts of past trips to share more, and make sure that our newcomers are all caught up. Feel free to leave a comment, question or reach out to me. I love talking with you guys & like always, remember to live your life!!!

-Aaron 🙂

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