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Kansas City & Chance the Rapper


Another 4 am flight on a quiet Friday morning. I didn’t even get a chance to fall asleep before we were off to the airport. Chicago was a blast but I was excited to be reunited with Julianna (whom we were going to see).

Flying standby was such an easy process, I couldn’t have asked from something less stressful. We got into the small little airport in Kansas City, patiently waiting for Julianna’s mom to come and pick us up. Ann Marie and I went back and forth over our fun 2 days in Chi Town, and speculated what we might get up to in our weekend in KC.


Not long after, Julianna’s mom Annette pulls up in her red little KIA Sport SUV. Very mom, but in a stylish modern way. I was a little nervous in meeting her, just my social anxiety flaring up per usual. She greeted me and I immediately felt better, her midwest accent strong and reminding me of home and comfort. I feel like thats a weird thing to say but thats what I felt lol.

We all went back in forth in conversation, getting to know each other and debating if we wanted to do breakfast or not. My stomach begrudgingly made known that we did in fact need to stop for food. Which is how we ended up at Kate’s Breakfast restaurant.

This little place was so cute and quaint, very homey and casual feeling (are you seeing a theme here). Had an amazing breakfast, then went home and immediately passed out until Julianna was home.

I like to think I’ve traveled a bit, and through that I’ve made some really awesome friends. Some of which I am still incredibly close too. So that’s how Julianna, Ann Marie and I ended up with my friend having an impromptu photo shoot.

It was a great time, we were just being really silly and trying to get some good content for Instagram. The rest of the night was very low-key and chill, we had some bonding beverages and just watched trashy reality tv for the rest of the night.


Today is the big day. We had quite a bit of time before the concert, but we went into town and checked out this really cool store called Raygun. I think they are Kansas City specific, but they had some very cool and liberal stuff in there. It was interesting to see considering the midwest is not very liberal to start with.

After our little excursion we headed out to dinner, and of course I had to try Kansas City PHO!! I tell you guys I love pho so much.


We headed back to Julianna’s place to get ready for the show, after our very amazing meal. I personally didn’t have too much of a hard time figuring out what to wear, but the girls went back and forth for a bit.

The concert vibes were not as lit as I was expecting. I’m not sure if it’s because my expectations were too high, or people were just not on my level. Regardless, I was still having the time of my life.


Chance’s voice was so mesmerizing and it was just so awesome. He sang everything from Coloring Book, but he did a rendition of Waves and Ultra light beam and I lost my shit. Not only was it so freaking good, it was such a GREAT vibe. The crowd was finally starting to feel it and we were all living.


Chance was everything, my friends were amazing and it was such an amazing weekend. I’m so happy I got the chance to fly out there and do this with them, and see Chance. Love my friends and can’t wait for our next adventures!! I think somewhere Tropical is next?

-Kiyaani xx

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