Chicago & Friends

I view travel like I view life. Just go with the flow and let things happen as they may. This ideology is how I ended up turning a concert into a week long travel adventure in the midwest.

This travel adventure was by far one of the best times that I have ever had. I think traveling in itself is so exciting and fun, but doing it with friends make the trips 10 times better.

For a lot of people, traveling takes weeks if not months of prep. People usually like to plan out an itinerary and have a general game plan about what they want to do. For me though I view travel like I view life. Just go with the flow and let things happen as they may. Not to say that you should just buy a plane ticket and show up, but I don’t feel like you need to iron out every second of how your trip should be. For example, two of my friends said lets go to Chance the Rapper in Kansas City, Missouri and I said okay. That was our one plan and everything we could figure out later. This idea, this plan somehow ended up turning into a week long travel adventure in the midwest.


My friend Ann Marie suggested we go to Chicago prior to Kansas City so that flying standby would be easier and less stressful. We left the desert (PHX) at 4 am on Thursday morning, and got to the airport with a little time to spare. Our flight was relatively peaceful, and we made it to Chicago in 3ish hours.


Her mom (the cutest little lady), picked us up and took us out to eat at this amazing Italian restaurant in Orland Park (a suburb in Chicago). The rest of the day we caught up on some sleep then drove 40 mins north to meet our friend Cerina from ASU for some PHO! I don’t think I’ve ever really expressed my deep deep love for Pho, but it is one of my favorite meals ever.

SIDEBAR: On the way to this restaurant it was POURING. Raining like I have never seen it before. I can’t tell if it was a midwest thing or maybe just Mother Nature trying to kill us, but a bolt of lightning struck the road in front of us on the highway…Maybe 5-10 feet in front the vehicle we were going 65 mph in. I kid you not I have never been more shook in my life. This was definitely a moment where you’re just like damn…that literally just happened. It was crazy.


Anyways, we found our friend Cerina, and we all had Pho together. It was so tasty. Then we went to this place called Cookies and Creme, where you can get ice cream and cookie dough on top of it. It was to die for and I was living my best life.

The next day we headed out to the city to go sight see for awhile. Starting at the Navy Pier, it was sooooo cool. There were so many places to eat and boats that we could see. I was a little overwhelmed because I hadn’t been in so long I wanted to do everything over again, experience it through fresh eyes. But we just ate at a little local restaurant, took some pictures and Uber’d our way to millennium park to meet back up with Cerina.

The BEAN was everything. Jk it was a little over hyped honestly. Its kind of like a carnival mirror thing. It was really really cool, but there were so many people it was hard to be like in the moment and thoroughly enjoy the piece of art(?). The gardens were really cool though, and there was this tall wall with a face on it that would spit water out. Very interesting and different, but cool nonetheless.

Now let me tell you about miracle mile. SHOPPING GALORE. Any and all shops you could possibly think of they have it here. Everything from casual shopping to some really high end stuff. The most memorable was probably the seven story Burberry that we went into. It was like your standard Burberry but so tall. I was shook again.


But this was our last night in Chicago, so we just chilled out and took a train back home after seeing all the shops that we wanted. It was such a good time and it was so great to see friends and hangout. Ann Marie was just a great travel buddy and couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Love the city, can’t wait to come back!

-Kiyaani xx

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