Coachella – Day Three

Day Three

I woke up a lil dead on the third day. I was honestly so ready to leave, but I pushed through and it was all for the better I think. I was really really tired, but I had a good last day. I didn’t go too hard, but just vibed all day and enjoyed my time at the festival.

We got to check out the arctic and it was really cool, a very intense visual experience. Basically you wait in line to go into this big dome, where you’re sitting and then the entire ceiling of the dome lights up and shows a little movie. Definitely something to check out if they have it next year.


It was crazy hot all day, but we walked around and took cute pictures. I was not in the mood to go into the crowd and get crazy that day so I kind of just chilled in the back with lots of food. I think I bought two pizzas, and like two or three lemonades. Very expensive and kind of excessive, but I just figure that Coachella is once a year and this is the weekend that you let loose and really just indulge and experience everything. Because when are you going to get the chance to get to do that again?


After midday lunch, we made our way over to DJ Kahled. He was not very good in terms of his set because he would start playing bangers, but then would cut them off after fifteen seconds and just talk for another minute. It was really annoying, honestly I was only there because I was expecting him to bring out a lot of cool people, but he didn’t. I can’t even tell you who he brought out. I have no recollection because they were that unmemorable.

Grace and Julianna wanted to go to Lorde, who I heard was really good, but Galantis was next up after DJ Kahled, so I stayed by myself to see their set. I just felt like this was my weekend and I didn’t going to sacrifice what I wanted to do so I just vibed solo.

I migrated all of the way to the middle, made some friends and then was taken on a roller coaster. Their set was so amazing and good I honestly don’t know what to say beyond that. SO many lights, and the vibes were good, the people were amazing.

I just had the time of my life, and it was the best thing ever. I was kind of glad that I ended up doing that alone. It was an experience, and I was able to just be free without worry. I didn’t have to think about anything and I lost myself in the music.

Kendrick was next and his set was SUPER good. I was dead on my feet at this point, but i had to keep going because he was closing the festival. He is an amazing performer and his set list was beyond amazing. I am so incredibly happy and thankful for this experience. I can not wait to go again next year. It will be the time of my life, but until then bye Coachella! ✌️

-Kiyaani xx

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