Coachella – Day Two

Day Two


Basically today was crazy. I think that it was definitely overwhelming but in a good way. We saw a lot of good bands today. Bastille was really chill, the vibes were amazing and everything was just a really good time. Everyone was kind of in the element and jamming.


Two door cinema club was next which was actually so lit and so much fun and like the epitome of Coachella. Their music and vibes were just really really good. I only knew three or four songs from them, but it was EVERYTHING.

So this is where things get a little crazy. After Two Door Cinema Club, we stayed to see Future perform and I’m not the biggest fan but it was really lit. I had an awesome time, but there were literally so many people I was so smushed. Just one of the things you have to deal with at Chella though.

After Future everyone in this big mob started to head over to Sahara for Martin Garrix. My little squad and I went to the bathroom and just chilled by the lamp post, before making our way to the outer ring of the stage.

It was by far one of the greatest experiences that I have ever had in my entire life. Listening to Martin Garrix and enjoying life and just living for chella 2017 was an amazing experience. The lights, the music, my body and the energy were all interconnected. I was one with it all, we were moving in sync and it was amazing. Not sure how else to explain it other than truly truly awesome experience.

After that we tried to head to DJ Snake, but basically ended up waiting for Lady Gaga for about an hour. I am not the biggest fan, but I definitely have to give it to her. She is an amazing performer. She came out and delivered an amazing show, performed all of her hits and her new album.

We left shortly after and I was just living life. Our neighbors were really awesome about everything and I’m glad that I could just be in the moment and no one was trying to take that away from me.

Day Three I’m just gonna go with the flow, take it easy, chill the fuck out and enjoy the last day of Coachella 2017. Fuck me up. Lol.

-Kiyaani xx

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