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Road to Coachella!

My friends and I get ready to tackle the beast that is Coachella. We have to make sure that we have everything we need, and get situated for our three-day stint in the wilderness. Camping in the super hot weather. It was definitely an experience I won't forget. Thankfully I have a whole year to mentally prepare for it again. Enjoy!


Back in December some friends I decided that we were all going to Coachella together. About a month later we were all up together at 8 am on the phone buying tickets. Now here we are, and the time has come.

We decided that car camping was the way to go, so we packed up all of our stuff and got on the road to Indio! We arrived here Thursday night around 10:30 pm. None of us have ever car camped at Coachella before, so we didn’t really know what to expect coming in. It was quite the experience to say the least.

IMG_0056 IMG_0055

After a 5 hour drive from ASU, we arrived in Coachella! Which is a small little town near Indio if you didn’t know. We were weaving in and out of all of these small streets looking for the long line and hoards of people, but luckily for us it wasn’t too crazy. Or so we thought. As soon as we get close enough to the festival grounds, there is a car crash right in front of us. A white truck looks like it’s been T-boned. All of their belongings are scattered throughout the street and next thing you know there are two police officers arriving on the scene, and the only thing I can think of us is that security is going to turn us away and we’ll have to wait an hour or two trying to get in with all of this amassed traffic. Thank the Coachella gods that they let us through shortly after.

We were waved through, followed the corresponding sign until we arrived at the major security check point. I had no idea how intense they would be, but the closer we got the more I could see fellow festival goers getting out of their cars to get scanned. Guards were rummaging through peoples cars, looking through their sleeping bags, and generally performing a thorough search. We were a little nervous, especially as we reached the front of the line and were told to exit our vehicle. However, after a brief little walkthrough of our truck and patting us down we were free to pass through. Our wristbands were scanned and then we just followed the crowd. Now getting into our car camping spot and setting up our tent was a whole other ordeal.

We waited for about 10 minutes in line to get to our little camping spot. It’s 10×12, which I had my reservations about, but it is more than accommodating. We parked the truck and then started with our canopy, then moved onto our tent. Contrary to popular belief, you actually have to set up the tent. It doesn’t just pop up out of the box like I thought. It was a little bit of a struggle, but we persevered and everything was great. We made friends with our neighbors, almost fought our other neighbors, but  all in all it was awesome.


After hanging around and getting acquainted, we ventured off to see what all was going on so far. There were already loads of people really enjoying themselves, dancing around and having a good time. The set up is the camp grounds, and then you have like a hub for all campers where there is a water refilling station, a Red Cross, food booths, charging station, a little lounge and this big stage called Silent Disco. There were obviously a lot more things, but that was the gist. Also just keep in mind that the actual festival itself was already closed at this point, so everything we were seeing was outside of the festival and just for campers and their friends. It felt like a little summer camp almost.

But we were just walking around taking everything in when our other friend invited us over to his tent to hang out for awhile. It was on the other side of the camping grounds, which was about a 15 minute walk. You don’t really realize how big this place is until you get there and its all so far spaced apart. At this point it’s almost 2 am, but we chill for awhile and eventually head back to our our tent site and settle in for the night. Overall not a bad way to start the weekend!

-Kiyaani xx

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