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We said that we were going to ease into our weekend, but ended up going out every single night. Oops..

Spring Break 2017

College spring break is an experience. A time where you and all of your friends get together, go to another country and let loose. Whether that be a relaxing kind of time, or something a little more…exciting. However you decide to spend your spring break, it should be a time that you will always remember (or not if you know what I mean). For spring break 2017 all of my friends and I decided to go to MEXICO! Not totally surprising considering we’re college students that attend ASU, but I was super pumped nonetheless.

If you know me then you know I can’t really stand being in a car for more than two hours, which is the cause of my obsessive need to fly everywhere. Where we were going in Mexico (Puerto Penasco), did not have a local airport that supported major airlines, so no one was really down to pay $600+ for a flight there and back. So we ended up in Ann Marie’s little Chevy car for the duration of the five hour drive.

We passed the time by listening to a number of throwbacks and bangers, and in the end it wasn’t as horrible as I thought it was going to be. Going across the border was another story though. Getting into Mexico was not as big of a deal as you would think considering our current political climate with President Trump and everything that he has been doing lately. However, after they went though and checked all of our stuff very briefly might I add, we were free to go.


Pulling into our resort was both exciting and a little nervous because we booked everything through AirBnb, and the fact that we were literally in a completely different country. It was smooth sailing though, we checked in and got our keys and everything was Gucci. Our room was insanely cool. Big 3 bedroom condo, with all upgraded appliances and kitchen. It was so sweet.

After we had gotten back the grocery store with all of our food and drinks for the weekend, it was about 4 pm. Which of course meant we could start drinking!!


This moment was important for two reasons. It officially felt like the start of our spring break, and it was in that moment we all grew closer as friends. We were in Mexico, about to start an amazing trip, just got done with midterms, we were THRIVING! It was just amazing, and I couldn’t have asked for better friends or people to experience that with.


We said that we were going to ease into our weekend, but ended up going out every single night. If you’re ever in Puerto Penasco I highly recommend going to the Wrecked at the Reef, they have amazing live performers, great prices on food and drinks and a very cool open layout. I had an awesome time, got to run into some of my friends from a neighboring university. At some point I stopped keeping track of what I was drinking and ended up in the bathroom for at least 30 minutes, but then I was ready to keep partying.

Day Two


Day two of Mexico was a little more laid back as we all were feeling a little under the weather. After sitting out in the sun, playing some volleyball with other kids from ASU we were all getting a little bit of life back in us. 5 pm rolls around and we head to the resort restaurant for a little dinner, before heading to the senior’s casa. I was basic and got chicken tenders and fries because it sounds really freaking good, but also because I was sure that was the only thing my stomach could handle at that point.

The night went on and we ended up at this club called Changos. Outside of another resort called Las Palmas, it didn’t look too spectacular but they were playing some great music and there were a lot of good vibes from everyone. Danced my little heart away and it was just so awesome.


The rest of the weekend consisted of us hanging around the infinity pool, going to the beach, banana boats, meeting up with people from our fraternity and truly living the life. It was everything I could’ve asked for and more. I think next time I am there I would definitely like to spend an extra day or two, to really relax and go to the spa and all of that fun stuff.


Heading home was bitter sweet. I was missing the laid back care free feeling of Mexico, and my friends but all good things must come to an end at some point. Was definitely a 10/10 experience & I am beyond excited for next year!!!

-Kiyaani xx

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